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Take Action to Grow the Regional Workforce!

Governor Gavin Newsom has announced a major new initiative to expand California’s health care workforce and recruit health care professionals to address the COVID-19 surge. Health care professionals with an active license, public health professionals, medical retirees, medical and nursing students, or members of medical disaster response teams in California are all encouraged to join the new California Health Corps.

Newsom said he believes the state can add 37,000 healthcare workers by asking recently retired providers, those in the process of getting a medical license in the state and students enrolled in medical or nursing schools to apply.

HealthForce Partners Call to Action:

Now is the time for us, to ensure that there is adequate staff for health care sites that will meet the urgent needs of our communities during the COVID-19 outbreak. In the Northern San Joaquin Valley alone, we are facing a shortage of healthcare professionals throughout all sectors. The next few weeks are critical in making sure there is highly trained staff available for employment. HealthForce Partners is here to support the mobilization of our partners and community by:

  • Supporting our local education systems to help speed up licensure and Health Corps applications

  • Outreach to retired healthcare professionals

  • Connect with educators and employers on what each of their specific hiring needs are

Take action today to help support the regional effort of growing our healthcare workforce! Fill out our form below and let us know how we can help.


Initiatives other states have taken

State of Idaho – Board of Nursing

State licensing agencies and departments are authorized to temporarily exercise enforcement discretion, implement temporary rules, and waive licensing and related requirements to maximize access to healthcare services and provider support in response to COVID-19. Changes include:

  • Provide temporary licenses to nurses from non-compact states and waive fees

  • Provide temporary licenses to previously licensed Idaho nurses who have retired or have not been practicing

  • Work with nursing programs to provide “free temporary apprenticeship certificates” to students recommended by the schools.

  • Remind nursing instructors that they can also help

State of Texas – Board of Nursing

Governor Greg Abbott has waived several regulations to help meet Texas’ growing need for nurses as the state responds to the COVID-19 virus. The Governor’s actions will expand Texas’ active nursing workforce by doing the following:

  • Allowing temporary permit extensions to practice for graduate nurses and graduate vocational nurses who have yet to take the licensing exam.

  • Allowing students in their final year of nursing school to meet their clinical objectives by exceeding the 50% limit on simulated experiences.

  • Allowing nurses with inactive licenses or retired nurses to reactivate their licenses.


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