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Stakeholder Team Considers Essential Decisions for Partnership Launch

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Healthcare human resources leaders, education administrators, and workforce development experts convened in January to begin drafting recommendations for the structure, governance, roles, funding, and staffing of HealthForce Partners Northern San Joaquin Valley (formerly known as the San Joaquin Area Health Sector Partnership).

In its first meeting, the Partnership Sustainability Team, as the group is called, identified the eight essential decision areas it must address to establish the partnership.

The essential decision areas are:

  • Mission

  • Strategic Outcomes

  • Organizational Home

  • Governance

  • Performance Measurement

  • Partners and Their Roles

  • Financial Model and Funding Sources

  • Staffing

To inform the group's decision-making, members of the team have reached out to learn about similar partnerships around the U.S., including partnerships in Cincinnati, Denver, and Phoenix.

The team will develop draft recommendations for the partnership's Executives Council to review at its next meeting on April 23.

For more information about HealthForce Partners, please contact Executive Director, Christina Bastida at (209) 623-9907 or

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