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Our First Medical Assistant Program Completed!

On March 5, 2020, our first Medical Assistant Program concluded. All 22 program participants are incumbent workers from Community Medical Centers who have now taken the next step to advance their healthcare careers.

The 22 incumbent workers from CMC were enrolled in an intensive and fast-paced 6-week full commitment program at Lincoln Technical Academy/Lodi Adult School. Through the program, participants prepared for the California Certifying Board for Medical Assistants (CCMBA) certification, reviewing key elements and scope of practice, and exploring new technical and medical skills. All participants have registered for the CCMBA exam at the beginning of the program and will take the exam this year. Through the collaborative educational partnership of Lincoln Technical Academy/Lodi Adult School, the training and curriculum have been tailored to fit the employment and skills requirements of CMC.

At HealthForce Partners, our partner-based approach coordinates strategies that leverage the resources of multiple partners to grow the local healthcare workforce. Through this collaborative partnership, we have been able to design solutions, like our Medical Assistant Bootcamp, to provide a rapid response to the healthcare gaps in our communities.We are excited to continue to work alongside all of our partners to meet the needs of the dynamic healthcare industry across the Northern San Joaquin Valley.


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