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New Job Opportunity: Intergenerational Vaccine Project Manager


• Intergenerational Vaccine Project Manager

• Reports to Executive Director, HealthForce Partners

• 100% FTE

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Under the general direction of the Executive Director of HealthForce Partners and AmeriCorps program policy guidelines, the Intergenerational Vaccine Project Manager has responsibility for the development and operation of the Encore Intergenerational Vaccine Program, a RSVP Project. This role is contingent on RSVP Project funding.

PROJECT MANAGER ROLE: The Intergenerational Vaccine Project Manager is responsible for the daily management of the RSVP. The Project Manager is responsible for working closely with setting goals, objectives, timeline and accountability that aligns with partner project expectations. The Project Manager is actively involved with or appoints the right person to be actively involved with:

• community organizations and outreach strategies,

• recruitment RSVP volunteers and staffing volunteer stations

The Project Manager serves as the representative of the sponsor in signing and approving official project documentation, including project reports, memoranda of understanding, letters of agreement for clinic assignments. The Project Manager will abide by HealthForce partner’s established procedures for internal review and its standard policies and procedures. The Project Manager may participate in activities to coordinate RSVP program resources with those of related local agencies, boards, or organizations.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Under direction of the Executive Director, the Intergenerational Vaccine Project Manager’s duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Plan and develop all phases of RSVP operations;

  • Maintain and develop operations of the RSVP Project

  • Provide support, information and materials for RSVP volunteers and staff • Ensure recruitment, selection, orientation and placement of RSVP volunteers with volunteer stations at identified sites, in concert with Community Medical Centers and/or additionally partnered Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

  • Ensure appropriate fiscal, personnel, program and volunteer records and reports are developed and maintained and close coordination and relationships with RSVP volunteer stations are prioritized

  • Implement agreed upon performance measure, and facilitate evaluation of the program and performance measures

  • Plan, develop, and implement ongoing public relations opportunities, including social media, in cooperation with HealthForce Partners’ broader staff team

  • Arrange for volunteer recognition, training, and community building

  • Document challenges and best practices


Bachelor’s Degree + 2 years experience, Associates Degree + 4 years, or High School Degree + 6 years, and training and/or experience in work with those over 55 years of age and volunteers is essential. Flexibility, management skills, and computer experience are requirements. Experience managing federal grants is preferred. Must have excellent written and oral communication skills necessary for preparing grants/reports and giving oral presentations and training.


Send over your cover letter and resume toinfo@healthforcepartners.netby Friday, September 10, 2021 with the subject line: Intergenerational Vaccine Project Manager Application.

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