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HealthForce Partners Launched!

On June 14, healthcare, education, and workforce development executives from the Northern San Joaquin Valley launched a new partnership to grow the local healthcare workforce.

Dr. Anitra Williams, Director of Nursing Operations at St. Joseph's Medical Center - Dignity Health, describes a new RN pathway pilot program at the June 14 Executives Council meeting.

The partnership, known as HealthForce Partners Northern San Joaquin Valley, addresses the talent needs of healthcare employers and the employment needs of community residents. Working together, the partners identify healthcare workforce gaps and develop new ways to address them.

At the June 14 meeting, executives of partner organizations approved the results of a nine-month strategic planning initiative, including recommendations for the partnership's organizational structure and its initial priorities. They also named Lita Wallach, a leader of the planning process, as Interim Executive Director.

Amy Shin, CEO of Health Plan of San Joaquin, informs Lita Wallach, Interim Executive Director of HealthForce Partners, of Health Plan's ongoing support after the June 14 meeting.

Partner organizations also agreed to support the partnership's $250,000 budget, with significant contributions from healthcare employers, who are deeply invested in the partnership's success. Many have already made commitments to support the partnership for its first three years.

Executives Council Presentation (6/14/18)

For more information about HealthForce Partners, please contact Executive Director, Christina Bastida at (209) 623-9907 or


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