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Healthcare, Education, and Workforce Executives Kick Off Productive 2018

San Joaquin County’s top executives in healthcare, education, and workforce development came together on February 15 to plan development of an innovative new workforce partnership.

At the meeting, executives affirmed the need for greater coordination of their efforts and emphasized how, collectively, they could move from “competing” with each other to “completing” each other in addressing the area’s healthcare workforce needs.

They approved the new partnership’s draft mission, strategic outcomes, and strategy framework, as well as a timeline for developing and launching the partnership.

HealthForce Partners Northern San Joaquin Valley (formerly known as the San Joaquin Area Health Sector Partnership) will establish a workforce pipeline that meets the talent needs of healthcare employers and the employment needs of community residents. It will do so by creating a collaboration hub for industry, workforce, and education that will offer employers universal access to a talent pipeline and create upward career opportunities for community residents. Improvements in economic and community health are expected to result.

  • Executives Council Presentation (2/15/18)

  • Partnership Members (2/15/18)

Executives Council Co-Chairs (from left): Chuck Winn, San Joaquin County Supervisor, District 4; Kathy Hart, Superintendent/President, San Joaquin Delta College; Daniel Wolcott, CEO, Adventist Health Lodi Memorial

Daniel Wolcott, CEO of Adventist Health Lodi Memorial and Executives Council Co-Chair, welcomes the Executives Council and outlines his expectations for the new partnership.

From left: Carol Hirota, Director, Educational Services / Adult Education, Stockton Unified School District; Lita Wallach, Executive Director, Community Health Leadership Council; Corwin Harper, Senior Vice President, Central Valley, Kaiser Permanente; John Solis, Director, San Joaquin County Employment and Economic Development / San Joaquin County WorkNet

James Mousalimas, Superintendent of Schools, San Joaquin County (right) continues the conversation with Chuck Winn, San Joaquin County Supervisor, District 4.

Don Wiley, CEO of St. Joseph’s Medical Center (right), in conversation with Kathy Hart, Superintendent/President of San Joaquin Delta College.

From left: David Thompson, CEO, Sutter Tracy Hospital, and Anette Smith-Dohring, Workforce Development Manager, Sutter Health

David Culberson, CEO, San Joaquin General Hospital, and Lita Wallach, Executive Director, Community Health Leadership Council

For more information about HealthForce Partners, please contact Executive Director, Christina Bastida at (209) 623-9907 or


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