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AmeriCorps RSVP grant has received additional funding for 2022-2023

HealthForce Partners, Community Medical Centers and the Reinvent Stockton Foundation are excited to announce that our Intergenerational Vaccine Project has been awarded additional funding for the 2022-2023 grant cycle. This ensures that our organizations can continue providing COVID-19 vaccinations and other helpful resources to San Joaquin County residents.

Together, our organizations have partnered to bring volunteers to community vaccination clinics in an effort to support CMC's goal of providing vaccine access to everyone in our community. Kelly Ragan, Community Health & COVID-19 testing manager said "I’m so excited for CMC to continue to be able to collaborate with HealthForce Partners to help bring Covid vaccines to our community. With the uptick in cases and children going back to school soon, we should all do our part to protect ourselves and our loved ones against COVID-19. Mask up, social distance and get vaccinated."

"We are grateful for our partnership with Community Medical Centers and the Reinvent Stockton Foundation in continuing this program for San Joaquin County residents," said Dr. Paul Lanning, HealthForce Partners Executive Director. "We hope to continue to mitigate the impacts of the ongoing pandemic by ensuring the availability of vaccines and educational resources to help slow the continued spread and growth of variants of COVID-19, especially among the most vulnerable in our communities."


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