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40th Annual California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Convention

California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce recently held their 40th Annual Statewide Convention for the very first time in Stockton, CA from August 21-23.

Lita Wallach – Co-founder of HFP, Aaron Mata – Principal of Health Careers Academy, Christina Bastida – HFP Executive Director, Jamal Miller Director of Corporate Reputation & Thought Leadership at Blue Shield

At the convention, our Executive Director Christina Bastida and co-founder Lita Wallach participated in a panel discussion on Healthcare Partnerships: A Case Study on Addressing Industry’s Challenge with Aaron Mata, Principal of Health Careers Academy, and Jamal Miller, Director of Corporate Reputation & Thought Leadership at Blue Shield.

The panel spoke on how schools, hospitals and other partnerships have come together to service the region’s needs by creating a sustainable workforce for qualified medical staff.

For more information about HealthForce Partners, please contact Executive Director, Christina Bastida at (209) 623-9907 or


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