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2nd Annual HR Directors Forum

On August 22, HealthForce Partners hosted the 2nd Annual HR Directors Forum: Identifying Healthcare Workforce Gaps in Real Time.

The purpose of the forum is to convene human resource directors from local hospitals, community clinics, and skilled nursing facilities to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Develop a shared understanding of the healthcare labor market

  2. Introduce HealthForce Partners as a problem-solving source for regional healthcare labor market issues

  3. Identify priority career pathways

  4. Identify ways participant organizations can stay connected

We also presented survey findings on Healthcare Workforce Data researched by Dr. Thomas Pogue, Associate Director of the Center for Business and Policy Research from University of the Pacific. Check out the presentation here.

Through the Human Resource Directors Forum, participants and partners had the opportunity to give valuable insight into our local workforce needs.

Thank you to San Joaquin County Office of Education for hosting our space, Dr. Thomas Pogue, and all our attendees and participants for their continued input and support.

Find summary and notes of event here.

For more information about HealthForce Partners, please contact Executive Director, Christina Bastida at (209) 623-9907 or


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